Rainbow Senses


Dear Guest!! It’s very important for us, so that every time you visit our SPA-salon you feel yourself comfortable, and the quality of our services gives you only pleasure and positive emotions!

Easy, without panic! We have everything! «What should I take with me? Where are my slippers? OH no, I forgot a towel at home! The towel in laundry! And what will I lay on», take a deep breath! You are coming for relaxing, not for worrying about nonsense! Everything necessary for unforgettable rest already waits you in our SPA – perfectly clean and with pleasant fragrance! Slippers and underwear are only yours – they are disposable! We care about your health!

ABOUT FASHION, ABOUT WEATHER Storm, snow, blizzard and snowstorm… in our SPA the temperature is always comfortable! That’s why you don’t need any jacket, warm socks or boots here. You can surely take everything off, of course except for a swimsuit. Cold or hot shower will help you tune into a wave of peace and blessing before procedures

BE IN TIME, YOU CAN’T BE LATE To make a schedule it’s a big skill! We think everything thoroughly to the smallest details, so you get the maximum of each procedure. But unfortunately, being late can prevent this and we will have to shorten the duration of the session. Unfortunately! Late arrival is not compensated. Fortunately, delays can be defeated! You just have to come 10-15 minutes earlier. You are not nervous and we do not cut your session time. Or even better- not only to come early, but also do not forget your card or gift voucher. Only with it you will get procedure for which you come.

IF YOU HAVE RESERVATION-THERE IS NO STRESS Anyway, the best scenario is to start with booking. You pay 50 % and instead you get an absolute certainty that you will get to a convenient time for you and will enjoy your favorite procedure! Don’t worry if your plans will be changed. We expect that. You can reschedule your appointment, by informing our administrator. But you have to do this at least twelve hours in advance. Of course, you always can refuse or simply do not come, but in this situation your prepayment will remain with us. For your and our comfort, all payments are carried out before the procedure started.

What shall you know for comfortable relax We want to build our relations with you on mutual respect, that’s why any manifestation of aggression, hints or suggestions of sexual nature to other guests or specialists of our team are unacceptable. Otherwise we will have to stop your procedure without compensation of its value. In our SPA we created all conditions for you to fully immerse yourself in an atmosphere of silence and maximum relaxation. However, loud noises, screams, phone calls and profanity can disturb your peace and cause inconvenience. All valuable things, including mobile phones, you can leave in a reliable safe at the reception. We are not responsible for things forgotten or left under the massage table, in the shower, near or at the bottom of the pool and other places. If suddenly you decide to come to us in not sober conditions, whether it’s alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, we advise you not to waste your time on the road, but to stay at home, relax and put yourself in order. We will be glad to see you next time! We care about your safety and we want you to return home safe and unharmed. So please be careful and attentive! Do not run on the tiled pool sides neither jump from the pool sides. It’s also very important to inform your specialist if you have any diseases, allergies, heart problems, bad health and other features of your body. This will help to avoid unwanted response during the procedures. Please note that if your children are not 14 years old, they can’t visit the SPA without you escorting them! Remember, you are responsible for yourself and your children! In the event of damage to property, we will be forced to demand compensation for the value of the damage. Therefore, remember the phrase “The administrator knows best!” every time you want to adjust the equipment yourself. Cold-hungry – it’s not about us. You can order food and drinks from our menu and enjoy them in the relaxation room. Everything bought outside the SPA is forbidden to bring it in. If you have something to share with us: your opinions, suggestions, ideas, remarks or just kind words, you can leave them all in the reviews book. We want to grow and develop, that’s why it’s important for us! Also, if you are satisfied with the quality of the work of your specialist, you can express your gratitude with the material remuneration. This can be done both personally and anonymously, leaving it at the reception desk.

P.S: It happens you may have difficult questions in your mind: to be or not to be? To do or not to do? .. To smoke or not to smoke? We will tell you – we do not smoke


We hope that you will co-operate with understanding and respect the rules of our SPA-salon. In return, you will receive the best quality of services and the hieghst skills of our specialists. We promise you unforgettable impressions and vivid emotions, for which you will want to return!

The SPA team “Atlantis” wishes you to spend your time with pleasure and to relax with comfort!

*For your safety we have video surveillance system!