Bar Bubbles

Bubble Bar – Its more than just food and drinks! This is a pleasant atmosphere of calm and comfort, the highest service level and caring about the most important thing – about you, our dear client!

Didn’t had time to eat? No problem! Here you can enjoy very delicious sandwiches for every taste: with ham, salmon, spicy sausages or to try a vegetarian sandwich if you don’t eat meat and fish. Also the light snack will be very handy after fitness!

The best way to finish the session of relaxation massage or going to sauna is drink our natural herbal tea. We are prepared for you a huge selection of herbs: Chamomile, linden, mint, lavender, eglantine, tutsan, sage, rowanberry, buckthorn. A lot, isn’t it? And it’s incredibly useful! From them you can compose your unique bouquet and enjoy it in the full tranquility atmosphere.

After the Russian sauna? What could be nicer than cool bear? Or maybe you want something stronger? Wine, champagne, alcohol cocktails, liqueur, cognac, rum, vodka, whiskey….. Yes, here you can afford it!

And, of course, how without an ideal snacks! Nuts, chips… Do you know what is actually unreal tasty? A plate of delicious cheeses, sausages or marinated fish of the best quality! In addition, it’s an excellent option for the large company!

You need to cheer up urgently? Coffee will help you! Americano, cappuccino, latte – choose which you prefer! Also we have cocoa and decaffeinated coffee.

P.S. with a croissant it will even more delicious!

Fruit, milk, chocolate frappe – it’s a real sweet treat! Homemade lemonade or citronade are very refreshing! Freshies are the freshest, natural fruits and vegetables which you can drink! And smoothies….. It’s just a vitamin boom! Except that it’s very tasty and satisfying, it’s also incredibly useful! Absolutely without harm for you figure! Only good and wonderful health!

And finally – desserts! Salad or a plate of fresh fruits, Natural ice cream – pleasant for the soul and body! Also here you can try chiy with strawberries, kiwi or coconut oil. It’s the most useful dessert! It’s incredibly nutritious, but at the same time completely non-caloric!

We are waiting for you here in our Bubble Bar! We will take care of that you will be full and satisfied!