Rainbow Senses

Chocolate Wrapping

Chocolate wrap is delicious, pleasant and useful! It will rid of cellulite, will help you to lose weight and transform your skin, making it more tender and velvety. Chocolate is the most pleasant medicine. It will give you cheerfulness, cheer up, strengthen the blood vessels walls, removes slags and toxins that have accumulated in cages. Your skin will become so soft, smooth, young and incredibly beautiful. Chocolate wrapping combines not one, but several procedures: massage, aromatherapy and cosmetic mask for the skin. It will help you relive emotional stress and tension. After this procedure your skin will fragrant with the most pleasant aromas of chocolate. Give to yourself a delicious treat!

Price list

  • 60 min lev 85-
  • Chocolate wrapping with face massage (8 procedure) lev 680-
  • Chocolate wrapping without face massage (8 procedure) lev 630-