Rainbow Senses

Paraffin Wrapping

This warm and pleasant procedure easily will remove toxins, moisturizes, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, relieves stress and of course fight effectively with cellulite. Paraffin wrappingperfectly fights against cellulite, dry skin, stretch marks and unwanted weight. Skin which is devoid of tonus, becomes elastic, smooth and healthy. It accelerates the outflow of lymph and improves blood circulation, also removes slags and toxins. In addition, this procedure effectively remove muscle tension. And also , it will bring you the sensation of peace and purity. You just need to try it!

Price list

  • 60 min lev 70-
  • Paraffin wrapping with face massage (8 procedure) lev 560-
  • Paraffin wrapping without face massage (8 procedure) lev 520-