Do you dream of a beautiful and toned body? Do you wonder where to put extra pounds, how to burn fats and pump the perfect abs? Come to our fitness center-we will tell, show and help! It's time to throw off all the excess!

Fitness is a great way to take care of your body: it is both external and internal. In case you want to have some muscles, steel abs, a perfect body shape and many other visible results, fitness will definitely pump your health. You will become hardy, flexible and strong, and could easily withstand chronic fatigue. You will surely get an inexhaustible supply of vitality, and your heart and blood vessels will be in a great shape for a long time. And most importantly - you will be happy and satisfied, because fitness activities contribute to the production of hormones of happiness! Do it, set goals, reach them and enjoy life!


Today there are so many areas of fitness that they can easily get you confused. A huge number of incomprehensible names: stretching, Pilates, bodyflex, yoga... What is it all about? Don't worry, we'll now decode them all for you. Pilates. Oh, it's a beautiful kind of fitness! It includes the most effective workouts for back, abdomen and pelvis muscles. Pilates will make your joints flexible and your ligaments elastic. It is perfect for you if you are concerned about back pain, diseases of the spine, posture or gait.

Pilates is the best kind of fitness for pregnant women and young mothers, as well as they are indispensable during restorative therapy after injuries. Pilates classes will normalize your entire body – You will become more vigorous, tightened and even more beautiful!

Bodyflex is a simple breathing exercise with the diaphragm. You hold your breath for a while and then exhale sharply and quickly. Because of this, your body is oxygenated and included in the work at 100%. Doing bodyflex exercises, you can quickly lose weight and bring your muscles in tone.

Stretching will stretch your muscles, give you flexibility and grace, strengthen blood vessels, improve blood circulation, and will get you rid of the horrible cellulite!

Strength trainings will make you pump some iron! You will get stronger and stronger muscles and will burn unnecessary fat cells. You will put all your problem areas in order, and as a result you will get a fit and slim figure. Aerobics is the perfect combination of gymnastic and breathing exercises to rhythmic music, which helps to set and maintain the right pace for proper exercising. It's fun, active and satisfying! Aerobics will strengthen your heart and blood vessels, quickly and effectively will help you to get rid of overweight and will turn your figure into something incredibly beautiful!

You will be surprised by a huge number of areas of aerobics. The most popular of them are step, aqua aerobics, power, dance and bike aerobics, as well as aerobics in which an exercise ball is used.

If you are tired of fuss around and you just want inner harmony, calmness and relaxation, fitness yoga is perfectly for you! It includes the simplest poses of yoga – asanas and breathing exercises –pranayama. The exercises should be carried out smoothly, calmly and most importantly – consciously, with full concentration on individual muscles and internal organs. Fitness yoga will bring you strong health, will make you plastic and strong, also it will prolong your youth for many years ahead!

Discard all yours “ I can’t” , ”don’t want” and quickly come to us! Our professional instructors will select this program that will be perfect for you and will help you to achieve perfection!

Price list

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  • 2 weeks (10 vizits) lev 30.-
  • 1 month (30 vizits) lev 50.-
  • 3 months lev 140.-
  • 6 months lev 210.-
  • 1 year lev 365.-
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