Did you have a hard day? Do you feel tired after hard work, sports or outdoor activities? Well, it’s a pause time, immerse yourself in the world of true bliss and feel every cell of your body during a massage in our SPA-salon!

In addition to have a pleasant feeling of lightness and relaxation, a good massage will bring great benefit to your body. You will forget about the pain, discomfort and clamps in the body and will feel the complete relaxation in all of your muscles, even those of which you did not know had existed! Your body will get a full upgrade, once and for all saying goodbye to diseases of the heart and blood vessels, breathing difficulties, constant pain in the back, neck and other parts of the body! If you are injured, the massage will be a great helper for you during recovery. Your beautiful well-being, youth, beautiful and healthy skin will envy! Yes-Yes, all without exceptions!


If you are experiencing a special time in your life, in which you are waiting for the baby to be born, a nice massage will be very useful for you! We can offer You a specially designed procedure that will bring you relief in the difficult moments of pregnancy, when having back pain, tense muscles, the severity and swelling of the legs, and over all while stress and depression do not allow you to enjoy the most beautiful and quivering period of your life. Dear moms, before visiting a massage session, please consult your doctor, because only he can accurately say whether the massage is useful to you, or Vice versa – will harm you and your child.


Did you know that massage is necessary not only for adults but also for your little loved ones? Massage will be your salvation if your child has a bad appetite, sleeping problems or weakened muscles. Professional children's massage (and we have no other type) will put in order the processes of digestion, breathing, will adjust the work of the heart and blood vessels in your baby’s organism. Massage is indispensable for flat feet, scoliosis, hypertension, bronchitis, rhinitis, dyskinesia and cerebral palsy. Give your precious little man a special care! But remember, any procedures done for Your baby should be approved by a pediatrician!


Despite the huge list of benefits, massage can have a negative impact on your health in case of the presence of infectious diseases, osteomyelitis, oncology, non-healing fractures and wounds, severe disorders of the heart, the liver and the other organs. If you have picked up a virus somewhere and now it does not give you rest, torturing you with high temperature and other unpleasant conditions, we advise you to postpone the session to another time. Take care of your loved one, and protect the health of our specialists – they will be useful to you in the future! Listen to your body and organism and then you will really get a massage with a full portion of benefit and pleasure! We look forward to see you in our Spa for a magical massage. Gift yourself and your loved ones an amazing pleasure and a good health condition!