Rainbow Senses


Back is your weak point? It crunches and hurts, the spine and posture leave much of desires? The neck and muscles are always tense, your head hurts and does not feel well at all? You urgently need to change something! To start, sign up for a back massage session – forget about the pain and discomfort, enjoy life! This procedure will be very useful for back and spine troubles, during rehabilitation after a trauma, bronchitis, problems with the heart and blood vessels, sitting for long hours, getting tired. Often worry and smile a little; a back massage is what the doctor prescribed! This is not just a pleasant procedure! This is your health and well-being! Massage will relax the muscles of your back, strengthen them, restore a standard posture, will normalize your blood pressure, increase your efficiency and attention, and increase the level of endorphins. You will be happy and health! And now: a little about how we perform a massage session. You settle on comfortable couch. Everything begins with a neat, calm and pleasant stroking. You will begin to relax and trust the hands of the massage therapist. Then he will show you all the rest of these techniques: kneading, rubbing, squeezing, rolling, patting and tingling. No single muscle or vertebra will be left without attention! If you want to get the maximum effect from the procedure and forget about the problems with the back, just take them off from your life, such a massage needs to take courses of 10-15 sessions every six months. 30 minutes a day will provide you with health and youth for many years to come!

Price list

  • 30 min lev 45-