Rainbow Senses


Classical or Swedish massage – call it whatever you want, - an ideal remedy for fatigue and many ailments. After the first session, you will feel a complete relaxation, and want to come back again and again! Stroking, grinding, kneading, squeezing and vibration – all these effective techniques are waiting for you at a Swedish massage session. Sit back and get ready to feel something amazing. First our masseur will spend a special time on your back, thoroughly working it out for 20 minutes. Next in line are your arms, 5 minutes each: from the shoulder to the fingertips. Then a portion of pleasure will get your feet – 20 unforgettable minutes for both feet. The last will be a massage of your abdomen, chest and head. Muscles are relaxed, nerves are in order, nothing is crunched and metabolism does not inhibit. Only an hour - and you are in perfect health, cheerful and healthy! Give yourself unforgettable gift – come to a classic massage session!

Price list

  • 60 min lev 65-