Rainbow Senses


Who doesn't love jewelry? And have You ever made them a massage? No? Then it's time to try! Treat yourself to a luxurious facial massage that You deserve!

Each stone has its own unique properties and energy, which will give You into a contact with Your skin. Jade, pearl and diamond will give youth and health of the skin. Amethyst and turquoise will make it supple and elastic. Aventurine and hematite will improve the skin, by filling it with radiance. Rhinestone will relax the muscles, relieve tensions and stress. Lapis lazuli calms the skin, relieving You from the feeling pain. Moonstone is just irreplaceable in the treatment of oily skin!

We also have a nice bonus for You - a natural peeling and a mask! They will consolidate the results of the massage and prepare Your skin for the release!

An amazing combination of an effective massage techniques and healing properties of gems will fill those 40 minutes of Your life with fun and unforgettable emotions!

Price list

  • 40 min lev 100-