Rainbow Senses


The ancient Chinese tradition of emotional balance, beauty and youth – we will give You all of this on the facial massage Gua Sha. In the name of the massage lies the gist of it: "Gua" – movement, "Sha" is to scrape all of the bad. Smooth, gentle movements of the massage therapist with a special plate of Buffalo horn, impregnated with Tibetan herbs is going to make wonders with Your skin.

Massage can speed up metabolism, remove toxins, relieves inflammation. Wrinkles will disappear, the muscles relax, the face will shine with beauty, health and youth! And the peeling at the end of the procedure will give You a feeling of lightness and freshness!

The regular having of this half an hour massage will provide You with the stunning youth and attractiveness for years in the future!

Price list

  • 30 min lev 45-