Rainbow Senses


Treat yourself to the sweet, delicious and unique: enjoy the session of a honey massage in our SPA. Mm, yummy.. and not only...

The honey has such a unique composition and many of the unique properties that Your body has no choice but to absorb all these benefits and get your big piece of health! The abundance of vitamins and minerals that are found in honey, paired with the professionalism of our masseuses will make amazing miracles to Your skin ! It will become toned, supple, radiant with beauty and health! If you do the sessions of the honey massage, proper nutrition, regular fitness training and You will forget what excess weight and cellulite very soon ! You will look great!

In addition to concerns about Your appearance, a massage will have a beneficial effect on Your entire body. You will get a strong immune system, healthy internal organs, the joy of movement and ease of breathing. Valeriana, corvalol, motherwort – distribute them to those who have never been on a session of a honey massage! Thanks to its effective soothing You no longer have to be nervous. Honey massage is a natural source of Your good mood! And now a little bit more about how it all happens. Before the procedure You should take a warm shower or a visit a steam room. Then our specialist will conduct a short warm-up massage. Just after that, begins the most important thing – the long-awaited honey pleasure. The therapist will distribute the honey over by a thin, uniform layer, while gently rubb it on your skin for a few minutes. And now get ready to a climax! The therapist will tightly press his hands to Your body with circular motions , and then the abruptly will come off, taking part of honey together with quite unnecessary slags. Voilla! Only an hour later and Your skin will be clean, and You will feel healthy and beautiful! Still thinking either to try or not? Do not think, just come! We are waiting for You.

Price list

  • 60 min lev 75-