Rainbow Senses


In general the orange peel is necessary thing: useful, fragrant, bright…. But only when it is on an orange, and not on your body! So it’s time to get rid of it! And our miraculous anti-cellulite massage will help you in this! Get ready for an intensive 40 minutes massage, with the help of special cream our masseur will work to eliminate various problem zones of your hips and buttocks, that cellulite simply will not have a chance! And a professional cosmetic product containing a marine complex will enhance the effect of the massage and bring you closer to the long-lasting results! Your muscles will be tightened; the body will acquire subtlety and stunning appeal! You will be very pleased with your elastic and smooth skin! No orange peels! But only on the situation which will cherish your ideal body, observing the correct diet and exercising! In order to achieve maximum effect and completely get rid of cellulite, we recommend that you take a whole course of 10-15 sessions with 1-2 days breaks. Be slim and beautiful, because you deserve it!

Price list

  • 40 min lev 85-