Rainbow Senses


A massage: which you can lose weight? Do you lie to yourself quietly, and extra pounds that you just take and go? How is this even possible? Attend a massage session for weight loss – and you will understand everything! Massage for weight loss – a truly effective treatment against excess weight and unwanted centimeters! For one massage course of 10-15 sessions “30 or 60 minutes” each, you can easily lose up to 5 kg! No stretch marks and saggy skin! Get not only a relaxing pleasure, but also a tremendous benefit for health and figure! In addition to the massage, if you will eat properly, regularly engage in fitness or other types of physical activity, your body will become simply irresistible! Start today, to quickly enjoy at first sight an incredible, but, in fact, very real result!

Price list

  • 30 min lev 100-
  • 60 min lev 180-