Rainbow Senses


Tenderness, Pleasant, warmth piercing every cell of your body. A wonderful fragrance that gives pleasure and complete relaxation. All this you can feel at our massage session with an aroma-candle. Pamper yourself and get an unforgettable experience! Constant rush and stressful situations lead your nervous system to exhaustion, casing fatigue and poor health. All this affects your skin, which takes the whole blow to itself. Because of this, the skin suffers from dryness, irritation, flabbiness, wrinkles and cracks. Reward your skin and give it a massage session with an aromatic candle! The composition of the aroma candle is a well of useful and 100% natural ingredients that will make your skin irresistible! Moistened, silky, shining with beauty and health – yes, yes, it’s all about skin! Soybean oil nourishes and rejuvenates. Shea butter softens and protects. Beeswax removes inflammation and restores damaged skin. Coconut oil moisturizes and fights many skin diseases. Can not wait to try? Let’s do it, then. At first our master will light a candle for a few minutes, comfortable for your body temperature. The aromatic candle and the oils that make up, it will begin to melt. After that the fire is extinguished, and the master, with smooth, light movements, will apply a warm melted wax with oils to your body, starting from the feet and slowly rising upwards. Incredible sensation! In the end, you will get a gentle massage of the head and face, but without the use of a candle. Muffled, cozy atmosphere, pleasant background music will give you a feeling of absolute tranquility. You will want to repeat this hour again! So we are waiting for you again!

Price list

  • 60 min lev 75-