Rainbow Senses


Run a marathon, win a match, and overtake all competitors at a long distance bike race? Always ready? And what does your body think about it? Switch it to the desired mode by giving it a massage session! Take care of your body! This kind of massage will strengthen the muscles and warm up the muscles before intense training or competition. No more stretching, injury and overload! The most important thing in sports is quality, thorough preparation, which begins with a massage session! Feel like an iron man after physical exertion? Have you overdone and now try not to move at all, waiting for to be finally released? Enough tolerating this! Our masseurs will gladly bring you in shape and will return your body to the ease of movements! 40 minutes – and you will forget about the pain, tension and fatigue! Also sports massage will perfectly strengthen your vessels and improve the work of the heart, which is very useful during training or competition. A healthy body is the first and significant step to victory! Be active and continue in the same spirit, reaching new achievements!

Price list

  • 40 min lev 60-