Rainbow Senses


Extremely helpful, very pleasant, relaxing and soothing massage with warm volcanic stones... Have you heard a lot about it? Have you tried it yet?..

Stone massage is a powerful tool for relaxation and recovery of Your organism. You will quickly return to its former shape, good spirit and confidence! Due to the action of the stones the problem with the energy field will be eliminated, the aura will get restored, and the chakras are going to open. This massage will give You relaxation, will relieve pain, cleanse the body out of toxins. Basalt will slowly give off heat by gently relaxing your muscles and warming Your body. And jadeite will prolong your youth, enhance health, and calm Your nerves. And now we will share a little more about the procedure. Stone therapy begins with the application of special aromatic oils on Your body. Heated to 45-70 degrees, the shape of which perfectly fits the anatomical curves of Your body, the therapist will put in on a specific order along the spine, lower back, abdomen, shoulders, arms and legs. Then he will start rubbing Your body with the stones, from the feet to the neck.

After the first treatment You will feel a rush of vivacity and vitality, the muscles will be relaxed, and the mood will be at altitude. And after five sessions, You will receive a full relief from the entire body, You will return to its former freshness, and Your energy will field back into harmony.

Price list

  • 60 min lev 100-