Rainbow Senses


Surprisingly comfortable, pleasant, relaxing procedure will come after long walks, trips, flights or sports. Your legs feel like nobody else and needs special care, working 24/7. Give them a well rest they deserve – visit a session of Thai foot massage!

Sit comfortable on a chair; put your feet on a special stand. Our master will begin to massage your fingers and feet in turns, using a special Thai balsam of 25 types of medicinal and incredible useful herbs. Clear movements of the hands of the masseur, as well as a special wooden stick will remove fatigue, pain and tension. Working on the individual points of your feet, the masseur will have a huge impact not only on your legs, but also on the whole of your body. You will be left with NO slags and toxins; problems with blood vessels, joints and digestion, and the body will get strength to fight infections and external adverse factors!

A healthy body, a peaceful soul, a wonderful mood and a blissful sense of relaxation – all this and even more you can get by giving only an hour of your time! Try it and you’ll see for yourself that’s: It worth it!

Price list

  • 60 min lev 60-
  • 30 min lev 35-