Rainbow Senses


A healing procedure used for Centuries, imbued with a special atmosphere and traditions of Thailand. There is no place for fuss and anxiety. Only complete relaxation and tranquility. Renew your soul and body in a traditional Thai massage!

Usually, during a massage session, you need to undress and cover yourself with a towel. But not at this time! Thai massage is carried out with clothes and without the use of special oils or creams. Only the skills of hands and feet of our masseurs are used. And, believe me, this is more than enough to achieve the ideal results! Due to the point action along the energy lines of your body, tension, stiffness, clamps, pains of the muscles and joints will go away. You will get a surge of energy, cheerfulness and excellent mood! Your body and soul will find the long-lasting harmony!

This miraculous procedure will take only an hour of your time. In return, you will get incredible results! You will feel relaxed, rested and filled with vital energy!

Price list

  • 60 min lev 65-