Rainbow Senses


Have you ever been covered with...foam? It’s so mild, airy, fragrant and warm. We know that it sounds, to put it mildly, weird. But that is what awaits You at the session of a Turkish massage! Try it, it's very nice! We are sure You will definitely get an unforgettable pleasure!

To start, You need to go to Hamam – Turkish bath. There You will be able to properly steam Yourself, You can get a rub by a special mitten, You can get washed by medicinal decoctions of herbs, preparing Your body for a wonderfully soft massage. And here comes the foam. It’s not just the usual foam, but a special one with a natural soap made out of the most pleasant of scents. You can get on a special grater rub, in which the soap will be whipped in a thick, but very light, almost weightless foam. Then the foam is inflicted on Your body and yes, the massage can start!

Huge clouds of warm, fragrant lather, enveloping You from head to toe, the massage will turn into a fairy tale that You will want to relive again and again! No rush and bustle. Get Your 45 minutes of relaxation and the most effective massage techniques. And You will have to periodically get poured cool water. Imagine Yourself lying on a warm table, all in a gentle, soft foam, in which steam is all around and suddenly You get poured with water. Wow! You should take a direct contrast shower, but it can only get much better! Rose petals and gentle peeling await for You... mm... That is a feeling that words could not convey, You need to experience it for Yourself! Turkish massage will relieve fatigue, pain in the muscles and joints, raise immunity, it will renew You, both outside and inside, it will put all thoughts in order, and also will give peace and rest to Your heart. You will feel the purity and ease with every cell of the body!

Price list

  • 45 min lev 85-