Rainbow Senses


Magic jars, smoothly sliding on the skin, will create incredible miracles with Your body! No more cellulite! You can have a beautiful, stunning figure, being well and have a good health. You will be able to obtain all of this if you regularly attend sessions of a vacuum massage in our SPA!

With careful movements and special silicone jars, which create a vacuum inside, and of course with natural oils and creams used, our master will give You an effective sessions of this massage. Thanks to the pull-in force of the vacuum,cellulite will disappear without a trace and won't bother You again, the skin will become taut and elastic, and You will be more beautiful and attractive than ever! You can say Goodbye to the pain in the muscles and the joints as well as to the clamps and tension, which are going to be eliminated too. You will feel just wonderful! The vacuum action will start Your metabolism, improve lymphatic drainage, and relieve swelling. Fatigue, stress, worry – all of this will disappear!

At the beginning of the procedure, our therapist will give You a quick warm-up massage to prepare Your body for a more intense exposure. After that the healing jars are on turn. Thanks to the natural fragrant oil, the jars will move smoothly and gently gliding over Your skin without causing You discomfort. After all, massage is a wonderful combination of use and enjoyment! Irresistible figure, a confident look, good mood and inexhaustible supply of vital energy – That’s right, it's all about You!

Price list

  • 60 min lev 100-