Rainbow Senses

Finnish Sauna

Have you already managed to cool down after the summer? And even freeze? It’s not a problem! This sauna could warm even the frozen Finns! It’s hot, dry, and with a woody scent. After it You could freeze! Visit us and see for yourself!

90 -130 degrees? "Yes, it is unreal!", - You might say. But, no! Thanks to the low humidity, which is up to 20%, such a high temperature is transferred easily enough. The dry air is a good warm up every cell of Your body and will bring many benefits to it: it will strengthen the immune system, it will improve breathing, blood circulation and the metabolism. And of course, You will feel complete relaxation and tranquility.

HOW TO STEAM PROPERLY AND NOT TO GET SCALDED? For starters, take a warm shower and wipe your face dry with a towel. It needs to be clean, warm and dry. Take another towel to sit on. Wooden floors in the sauna are extremely hot.

In order to obtain only pleasure instead of a heat stroke, we suggest You to take small breaks in our lounge area. Drink something refreshing and thirst-quenching. Just go easy on the spirits! When You feel steamed enough and everything is coming to the final rinse, so take a cool shower or swim in the pool. It will be the perfect end to a hike in the Finnish sauna. For the most daring we have to shock the pool with a temperature of 20 degrees. Would you take the risk?

Anyway, the sauna is something specific, and you have to approach it wisely, listening to the signals of Your body. If, unfortunately happens that You are seriously ill or overly tired, it is better to wait with the Finnish sauna. Start out with something softer, for example, with herbal baths. And you will have to rest well for better health. And then, and a Finnish sauna will overcome without harm to the body!