Rainbow Senses

Herbal Bath

Want to get extraordinary fun, relax and go on a fragrant journey? Our legal herbs will transport You into a blooming garden in spring or in warm coniferous forest in the early fresh morning. You probably wonder "How is that possible?" - just try our herbal steam room, and You will understand why!

In addition to the beautiful aroma of the herbal bath it is known for its healing properties. Light steam impregnated with healing herbal oils, will work miracles with Your body! Needles will take care of Your nerves, relieve fatigue, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, relieve pain in muscles and joints. Thyme will help to say goodbye to insomnia, to cure an annoying cough and a sore throat. Chamomile and mint better than any psychologist will calm You down and will relax, and will also take care of the beauty of Your skin, relieves inflammation and discomfort. St. John's Wort painlessly treats Your wounds and quickly heal them. Aromas of eucalyptus and marshmallow are very helpful if you struggle from breathing problems. And if You're concerned about the cold, the lime can get rid of it fast and for a long time. Jasmine, lavender and fir will charge You with energy and good mood! To reinforce the healing effect, we have prepared for You a lot of herbal bouquets and cocktails. Take everything you can from mother Nature! In our bath we have combined herbs with incredibly beneficial Himalayan salt. It is indispensable for allergies, asthma, heart problems, weak immunity, and more. You will forget about fatigue and depression. Long live the good mood!

Thanks to the pleasant temperatures up to 55 degrees, and comfortable humidity – 60%, presence in herbal baths will be a nice pleasure, to which many fans of the expanded steam.

In addition, it is possible to achieve a special effect by visiting the herbal steam room before the massage session. Warmed and relaxed muscles will be more pliable in the hands of a master, so You can get the most out of your massage. And steamed, the skin will easily absorb all the beneficial aromatic oils used during the procedure.

Despite the fact that herbal bath has so many advantages, we advise You to refrain from visiting it in strong heart problems and severe hypertension. Be careful to Your body, be careful not to hurt it.