Rainbow Senses

Russian Bath

"Vanya is cured - a bath helped him." Want to be like Vanya? Enjoy a Russian Banya! It will give You good health, strong immunity, a feeling of freshness, vitality and many other nice bonuses! For a reason in ancient times bath was especially valued due to its healing and purifying power. It was believed that it could replace almost all medicines. What's the secret? ATTENDANT AND BROOM Our attendant - a professional in their field! He will pick up the weather especially for You, considering all the features of Your body. Because the trip to bath should bring You only benefits and pleasure. The optimum temperature in Russian bath is 60-70 degrees and the humidity reaches 90%. For those who like it hot, we can raise the temperature to 120 degrees. Our attendant will make sure You feel comfortable! It’s the same as in the bath, but without a broom? A wide selection of lush, fragrant and light switches waiting for You in our bath! Birch broom, like a sponge, absorbs sweat and its essential oils are beneficial to the lungs and skin. Oak – pumps steam, improves circulation and reduces pain. If the cold is knocking on your door, run her lime-twigs! He miraculously raises the immune system, and tomorrow You'll feel much better! Fir, spruce, pine and juniper switches will be a real salvation from all ills. But only if You are ready for a session of acupuncture! TIPS FROM OUR EXPERT Drink. And as much as possible! Perfect make up for the water balance and excrete toxins from the body herbal teas and infusions. And a cool beer perfectly quenches your thirst after a bath! And from where do you think you can order it from? That's right, in our bar! There You will find a lot of interesting and very tasty drinks! Don't fill up. Before visiting the baths don't eat too much. Better to eat something light from us at Bubbles Bar. You don't have to worry about what to cook, what you can eat and what is not. We will tell You and save your time. Enjoy high quality food and service! Breathe through your nose. The hot air will cool and it won't be so terrible. Protect your head and hair. Put on a woolen or a felt hat. It will protect you from overheating, and it will protect your hair from drying out. Protect yourself from the heat. In case of having a delicate type of skin or You are just sensitive, cover Your shoulders, arms and chest with a towel or wrap up in a sheet, and for the hands, don’t forget to wear mittens. In the bath is hot! Cleanse. Both the outside and the inside! Drink a diaphoretic tea, or mineral water, massage the skin with special gloves. And go to steam! Peel and maximize. Our highly trained esthetician will advise You the best scrubs, peels and masks perfect for Your skin type. You can try out them all on the session with a cosmetologist after visiting the baths. Steamed and skin will be grateful for all the abundance of vitamins and healthy ingredients! Do not overdo it. If You are not feeling well or if feeling dizzy, do not suffer and do not think: "That's now pass." Slowly step out of the steam room and relax in our lounge area. Don't put the records and don't experiment. Take care of yourself – we want to see You again! Trust the attendant and just enjoy the process!

Price list

  • Russian bath (max. 8 people) with professional bath assistant - 1h lev 50-
  • Russian bath (max. 8 people) without bath assistant - 1h lev 30-
  • Оak/birch leaves broom – 1pcs lev 10-