Rainbow Senses

Solt Bath

Are you concerned about the prolonged cough? Allergies do not allow you to live in peace? Breathing problems? The skin has lost its radiance and elasticity? Don't worry – it's fixable. Visit the salt sauna and You will feel relief only since the first time!

Salt is indispensable in the treatment of many diseases! Especially useful it becomes in a heated state, when it begins to evaporate. Himalayan and sea salt perfectly clean lungs and bronchi. Therefore, after the first visit You will be surprised how easily You breathe, and what gorgeous skin You have! It becomes soft, tender and velvety! Session in the salt sauna relieves fatigue, reduces pain and promotes healing of wounds. Salt is an active fighter against infections and... cellulite!

In order to obtain maximum benefit from a salt sauna, you need to know how to use it. When You go to the sauna, at the entrance You would expect Himalayan salt, which you apply to body massage movements – from the heels to the neck. A person need to be very careful! The skin there is delicate and easy to damage the large granules of salt. But if You are sure that Your face is well bear this procedure, You can apply salt on forehead, cheeks and nose, avoiding the area of the chin. Climb the stairs and go forward. At this time, salt on Your body will begin to melt. Once you reach the end, salt is completely dissolved. Now take a contrast shower by pressing a special button. You will get incredible pleasure and Your skin will be soft as a baby!

The temperature in salt sauna is very comfortable, only 48 degrees, and the humidity does not exceed 60 percent. Because of this, the load on Your body will not be as high as in the Finnish sauna or Russian bath. This means that You can extend the fun and to warm up a little longer, and Your heart and your blood pressure will be normal.

Just do not overdo it! If You notice that the walls started to move and people around to hang out, go and get some fresh air! And then it's time to come to us at Bubbles Bar, drinking something tasty, for example, a herbal tea is incredibly useful. After all, much water has flowed...

Remember, it is better to start with low temperatures and a small amount of time than to be heroic, to overheat and get unscheduled doctor. Take care of Your health!