Rainbow Senses

Turkish Bath

We do not offer You just a bath but a true Eastern tale. Warmth, exfoliation, massages, foam, oil and traditional Turkish tea and coffee facilities – all of this awaits You in our Hamam. Give yourself a gentle and luxurious treat!

First You need to get to the steam room. Warm steam envelops You from all sides warms and relaxes every cell of Your body, the tension will leave and You will feel the magic idyll in conjunction with a full inner peace. You have to wait a little bit, until all of Your pores will open. Only then we can proceed to the next stage – a gentle peeling soap is made with a special glove. After that, rinse in the shower a pleasant room temperature and get some rest. It's ust amazing to bathe in the bath!

First escort will scrub You from head to toe several times and then will rinse firstly with warm, then with cool water – such a contrast perfusion. And after that you will be completely enveloped with foam. The head is left intact, so You can freely express your delight and will require a continue. After the blissful foam you can swim in the pool or soak in the Jacuzzi. Relax and just enjoy the moment. You will feel a surge of strength and vigor. Wait, do not rush to spend this energy on your daily worries. Relax just a little more. Or maybe a lot more... Why hurry? Here is so good! Sip some exotic tea or a strong Turkish coffee - what do You taste? Complete all this fun with a pleasant massage with natural oils.

In addition to the enjoyment that You would receive during a visit of the Hamam, Your body will take a lot of useful. Gentle heat and high humidity relax the muscles, restore blood circulation and metabolism, relieve You from colds, strengthen Your heart and blood vessels. Your skin will feel purified, hydrated and toned. Hamam – a wonderful remedy for insomnia. But please, don't fall asleep on the way home!