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Swimming pools

SHOULD WE TAKE A SWIM? WHY THE ANSWER IS "YES" Less stress – more success. Water has truly miraculous properties. Immersed in the pool, You will feel the incredible lightness, as you will feel only 10% of Your body weight. Because of this, the pool is the perfect place to study. Muscles toned. Due to the high density of water any of Your movements will require more effort and training will be more effective. Your muscles will become much stronger and tighter! Flexibility. While swimming, Your whole body is active: Your hands are moving, You train the shoulder joints and the feet – you strengthen the pelvic. Swimming brings a huge benefit to the spine! Swim workout he stretches out, placing all Your vertebrae. Good shaped heart. In addition to triceps and the abs, swimming trains the most important muscle - your heart. The load that you receive during the pool classes, strengthens this indispensable organ and helps it to function smoothly. Keep your weight under control. Just 10 minutes of swimming you can lose up to 60 calories, while backstroke, this figure increases to 80! Besides, half an hour in the pool 3 times a week reduces the risk of diabetes in men by 10%. And women should exercise just once a week in order to achieve the same result. No asthmas. Swimming increases lung capacity and helps to learn how to breathe correctly. And the humid air in the swimming pool relieves discomfort from and struggles with seizures. Nerve cells should be protected. Being in nice warm water, in the atmosphere of tranquility and complete relaxation, make Yourself happy, relieve stress and restore seemingly lost forever nerve cells. GO TO THE POOL CORRECTLY Before going to the pool take some time for Your body – take a warm or a cool shower. Put on Your favorite bathing suit and don't forget the flip-flops. In them You will be very comfortable to walk (Yes, walk, not run) next to the pool. If You want fun to spend your time in the water and not just stand at the sides, bring swimming goggles. But if You wanted an extreme experience and You are ready to make the jump into the pool, whether from the side or something original, give up this idea. Things can go not according to Your plan, and You will soon be able to enjoy swimming. In order to avoid after visiting the pool, carefully wiped dry the head and sit some time in our Bubbles Bar. Order your hot tea or take something tasty to eat. Only then You can safely go outside without getting sick. We look forward to see You again!