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In addition to a pleasant feeling of lightness and relaxation, the massage will benefit Your body. You will forget about pain, discomfort, and clamps in the body and will definitely feel a full relaxation of all the muscles, even those the existence of which You never knew existed! Your body will get a full upgrade, once and for all You will say goodbye to diseases of the heart and the blood vessels, to breathing difficulties and constant pain in the neck and backache as to the other parts of the body too! If You have suffered an injury, the massage will become your excellent helper in the recovery period. Your health will be excellent and your skin will be healthy, young and beautiful so anyone would envy You! Yes, without an exception!


Massage for children & youth:
40 min - 35 lev

Did You know that Your child’s massage is as useful as Yours? Massage is the source of its harmonious development and good health! Take care of Your child – gift him a massage. All methods and techniques are designed to fit the needs of the small organism, taking into account all of its features. The procedure will be done very gently, gently and safely. For us it is important that Your child receives only the benefits of the massage and be healthy! The massage is only 40 minutes, so while Your little man is typed in health and positive emotions, You can relax in our Bubbles Bar after drinking or eating something tasty.

60 min - 100 lev

Treat yourself to the sweet, delicious and unique: enjoy the session of a honey massage in our SPA. Mm, yummy.. and not only...

The honey has such a unique composition and many of the unique properties that Your body has no choice but to absorb all these benefits and get your big piece of health! The abundance of vitamins and minerals that are found in honey, paired with the professionalism of our masseuses will make amazing miracles to Your skin ! It will become toned, supple, radiant with beauty and health! If you do the sessions of the honey massage, proper nutrition, regular fitness training and You will forget what excess weight and cellulite very soon ! You will look great!

In addition to concerns about Your appearance, a massage will have a beneficial effect on Your entire body. You will get a strong immune system, healthy internal organs, the joy of movement and ease of breathing. Valeriana, corvalol, motherwort – distribute them to those who have never been on a session of a honey massage! Thanks to its effective soothing You no longer have to be nervous. Honey massage is a natural source of Your good mood! And now a little bit more about how it all happens. Before the procedure You should take a warm shower or a visit a steam room. Then our specialist will conduct a short warm-up massage. Just after that, begins the most important thing – the long-awaited honey pleasure. The therapist will distribute the honey over by a thin, uniform layer, while gently rubb it on your skin for a few minutes. And now get ready to a climax! The therapist will tightly press his hands to Your body with circular motions , and then the abruptly will come off, taking part of honey together with quite unnecessary slags. Voilla! Only an hour later and Your skin will be clean, and You will feel healthy and beautiful! Still thinking either to try or not? Do not think, just come! We are waiting for You.

45 min - 85 lev

Have you ever been covered with...foam? It’s so mild, airy, fragrant and warm. We know that it sounds, to put it mildly, weird. But that is what awaits You at the session of a Turkish massage! Try it, it's very nice! We are sure You will definitely get an unforgettable pleasure!

To start, You need to go to Hamam – Turkish bath. There You will be able to properly steam Yourself, You can get a rub by a special mitten, You can get washed by medicinal decoctions of herbs, preparing Your body for a wonderfully soft massage. And here comes the foam. It’s not just the usual foam, but a special one with a natural soap made out of the most pleasant of scents. You can get on a special grater rub, in which the soap will be whipped in a thick, but very light, almost weightless foam. Then the foam is inflicted on Your body and yes, the massage can start!

Huge clouds of warm, fragrant lather, enveloping You from head to toe, the massage will turn into a fairy tale that You will want to relive again and again! No rush and bustle. Get Your 45 minutes of relaxation and the most effective massage techniques. And You will have to periodically get poured cool water. Imagine Yourself lying on a warm table, all in a gentle, soft foam, in which steam is all around and suddenly You get poured with water. Wow! You should take a direct contrast shower, but it can only get much better! Rose petals and gentle peeling await for You... mm... That is a feeling that words could not convey, You need to experience it for Yourself! Turkish massage will relieve fatigue, pain in the muscles and joints, raise immunity, it will renew You, both outside and inside, it will put all thoughts in order, and also will give peace and rest to Your heart. You will feel the purity and ease with every cell of the body!


30 min - 30 lev

Your child quickly gets tired? Has he got pain in his legs, headache and backache? Is it hard to walk? Is Your child avoiding active games with peers? This is very similar to the symptoms of flatfoot. Dear parents, this question should not be procrastinated! The sooner treatment is started, the sooner Your child will be able to have fun with friends, run, jump and enjoy their young years without pain and discomfort!

Therapeutic massage is an effective method of dealing with flat feet! It will remove the pain and heaviness in the legs, strengthen the muscles and will correct form the feet of Your child. 10-15 sessions of 30 minutes, depending on the situation with the feet of Your little man, and You will not even think about a problem, like flat feet anymore.

30 min - 50 lev

We know the pain in the neck, backache, dizziness, not feeling well is not unbearable and it stops You from enjoy the fullness of life. Therefore, we have prepared the most effective therapeutic techniques that will put an end to it by eliminating the cause of Your discomfort!

Manual massage will return Your vertebrae to their rightful places. You will forget about the sound and the discomfort of how the joints crisp. You will no longer have a headache and will get back to normal pulse and blood pressure. You will feel relaxed, rested and happy! Our goal is to relieve You from pain, not inflicting it. Therefore, we use the soft and gentle technique that will bring You only benefits, without pain.

Manual massage is indispensable in the treatment of vertebral hernia, scoliosis, arthritis, sciatica, the displacement of the vertebrae, osteochondrosis, incorrect posture, pain in the arms and legs. This massage will be a real salvation for Your flat feet and spikes! You will not be difficult to fit this routine into Your schedule, because it will not take much time. Only half an hour and You are ready to save the world, to conclude multimillion transactions, and to do the rest of the daily routines!

30 min - 45 LEV

The ancient Chinese tradition of emotional balance, beauty and youth – we will give You all of this on the facial massage Gua Sha. In the name of the massage lies the gist of it: "Gua" – movement, "Sha" is to scrape all of the bad. Smooth, gentle movements of the massage therapist with a special plate of Buffalo horn, impregnated with Tibetan herbs is going to make wonders with Your skin.

Massage can speed up metabolism, remove toxins, relieves inflammation. Wrinkles will disappear, the muscles relax, the face will shine with beauty, health and youth! And the peeling at the end of the procedure will give You a feeling of lightness and freshness!

The regular having of this half an hour massage will provide You with the stunning youth and attractiveness for years in the future!

40 min - 100 lev

Who doesn't love jewelry? And have You ever made them a massage? No? Then it's time to try! Treat yourself to a luxurious facial massage that You deserve!

Each stone has its own unique properties and energy, which will give You into a contact with Your skin. Jade, pearl and diamond will give youth and health of the skin. Amethyst and turquoise will make it supple and elastic. Aventurine and hematite will improve the skin, by filling it with radiance. Rhinestone will relax the muscles, relieve tensions and stress. Lapis lazuli calms the skin, relieving You from the feeling pain. Moonstone is just irreplaceable in the treatment of oily skin!

We also have a nice bonus for You - a natural peeling and a mask! They will consolidate the results of the massage and prepare Your skin for the release!

An amazing combination of an effective massage techniques and healing properties of gems will fill those 40 minutes of Your life with fun and unforgettable emotions!

60 min- 100 lev

Extremely helpful, very pleasant, relaxing and soothing massage with warm volcanic stones... Have you heard a lot about it? Have you tried it yet?..

Stone massage is a powerful tool for relaxation and recovery of Your organism. You will quickly return to its former shape, good spirit and confidence! Due to the action of the stones the problem with the energy field will be eliminated, the aura will get restored, and the chakras are going to open. This massage will give You relaxation, will relieve pain, cleanse the body out of toxins. Basalt will slowly give off heat by gently relaxing your muscles and warming Your body. And jadeite will prolong your youth, enhance health, and calm Your nerves. And now we will share a little more about the procedure. Stone therapy begins with the application of special aromatic oils on Your body. Heated to 45-70 degrees, the shape of which perfectly fits the anatomical curves of Your body, the therapist will put in on a specific order along the spine, lower back, abdomen, shoulders, arms and legs. Then he will start rubbing Your body with the stones, from the feet to the neck.

After the first treatment You will feel a rush of vivacity and vitality, the muscles will be relaxed, and the mood will be at altitude. And after five sessions, You will receive a full relief from the entire body, You will return to its former freshness, and Your energy will field back into harmony.

60 min - 100 lev

Magic jars, smoothly sliding on the skin, will create incredible miracles with Your body! No more cellulite! You can have a beautiful, stunning figure, being well and have a good health. You will be able to obtain all of this if you regularly attend sessions of a vacuum massage in our SPA!

With careful movements and special silicone jars, which create a vacuum inside, and of course with natural oils and creams used, our master will give You an effective sessions of this massage. Thanks to the pull-in force of the vacuum,cellulite will disappear without a trace and won't bother You again, the skin will become taut and elastic, and You will be more beautiful and attractive than ever! You can say Goodbye to the pain in the muscles and the joints as well as to the clamps and tension, which are going to be eliminated too. You will feel just wonderful! The vacuum action will start Your metabolism, improve lymphatic drainage, and relieve swelling. Fatigue, stress, worry – all of this will disappear!

At the beginning of the procedure, our therapist will give You a quick warm-up massage to prepare Your body for a more intense exposure. After that the healing jars are on turn. Thanks to the natural fragrant oil, the jars will move smoothly and gently gliding over Your skin without causing You discomfort. After all, massage is a wonderful combination of use and enjoyment! Irresistible figure, a confident look, good mood and inexhaustible supply of vital energy – That’s right, it's all about You!

60 min - 65 lev

A healing procedure used for Centuries, imbued with a special atmosphere and traditions of Thailand. There is no place for fuss and anxiety. Only complete relaxation and tranquility. Renew your soul and body in a traditional Thai massage!

Usually, during a massage session, you need to undress and cover yourself with a towel. But not at this time! Thai massage is carried out with clothes and without the use of special oils or creams. Only the skills of hands and feet of our masseurs are used. And, believe me, this is more than enough to achieve the ideal results! Due to the point action along the energy lines of your body, tension, stiffness, clamps, pains of the muscles and joints will go away. You will get a surge of energy, cheerfulness and excellent mood! Your body and soul will find the long-lasting harmony!

This miraculous procedure will take only an hour of your time. In return, you will get incredible results! You will feel relaxed, rested and filled with vital energy!

30 min - 35 lev
60 min - 60 lev

Surprisingly comfortable, pleasant, relaxing procedure will come after long walks, trips, flights or sports. Your legs feel like nobody else and needs special care, working 24/7. Give them a well rest they deserve – visit a session of Thai foot massage!

Sit comfortable on a chair; put your feet on a special stand. Our master will begin to massage your fingers and feet in turns, using a special Thai balsam of 25 types of medicinal and incredible useful herbs. Clear movements of the hands of the masseur, as well as a special wooden stick will remove fatigue, pain and tension. Working on the individual points of your feet, the masseur will have a huge impact not only on your legs, but also on the whole of your body. You will be left with NO slags and toxins; problems with blood vessels, joints and digestion, and the body will get strength to fight infections and external adverse factors!

A healthy body, a peaceful soul, a wonderful mood and a blissful sense of relaxation – all this and even more you can get by giving only an hour of your time! Try it and you’ll see for yourself that’s: It worth it!

60 min - 80 lev

A relaxing aroma of oil, a wonderful aroma and an incredible atmosphere of serenity await you at the session of an amazing Thai massage with aromatic oils!

It’s a powerful stimulating, tonic and rejuvenating procedure. It slows down the aging process, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, making it beautiful, healthy and silky. With each movement of the hand of our master, your stress, fatigue and anxiety will go away. Due to special massage techniques, clamps and tension in the muscles will disappear. Toxins and slags will irretrievably leave your body and just forget about unwanted weight! Aromatic healing oils used during the procedure will calm your nerves, keep your heart and blood vessels in order, and adjust the digestive and hormonal systems.

Returning home after a session of Thai massage with aroma oils, you will fall asleep with such a strong and sweet sleep that you do not even remember the recently disturbed insomnial

60 min - 65 lev

Classical or Swedish massage – call it whatever you want, - an ideal remedy for fatigue and many ailments. After the first session, you will feel a complete relaxation, and want to come back again and again! Stroking, grinding, kneading, squeezing and vibration – all these effective techniques are waiting for you at a Swedish massage session. Sit back and get ready to feel something amazing. First our masseur will spend a special time on your back, thoroughly working it out for 20 minutes. Next in line are your arms, 5 minutes each: from the shoulder to the fingertips. Then a portion of pleasure will get your feet – 20 unforgettable minutes for both feet. The last will be a massage of your abdomen, chest and head. Muscles are relaxed, nerves are in order, nothing is crunched and metabolism does not inhibit. Only an hour - and you are in perfect health, cheerful and healthy! Give yourself unforgettable gift – come to a classic massage session!

60 min - 75 lev

Tenderness, Pleasant, warmth piercing every cell of your body. A wonderful fragrance that gives pleasure and complete relaxation. All this you can feel at our massage session with an aroma-candle. Pamper yourself and get an unforgettable experience! Constant rush and stressful situations lead your nervous system to exhaustion, casing fatigue and poor health. All this affects your skin, which takes the whole blow to itself. Because of this, the skin suffers from dryness, irritation, flabbiness, wrinkles and cracks. Reward your skin and give it a massage session with an aromatic candle! The composition of the aroma candle is a well of useful and 100% natural ingredients that will make your skin irresistible! Moistened, silky, shining with beauty and health – yes, yes, it’s all about skin! Soybean oil nourishes and rejuvenates. Shea butter softens and protects. Beeswax removes inflammation and restores damaged skin. Coconut oil moisturizes and fights many skin diseases. Can not wait to try? Let’s do it, then. At first our master will light a candle for a few minutes, comfortable for your body temperature. The aromatic candle and the oils that make up, it will begin to melt. After that the fire is extinguished, and the master, with smooth, light movements, will apply a warm melted wax with oils to your body, starting from the feet and slowly rising upwards. Incredible sensation! In the end, you will get a gentle massage of the head and face, but without the use of a candle. Muffled, cozy atmosphere, pleasant background music will give you a feeling of absolute tranquility. You will want to repeat this hour again! So we are waiting for you again!

40 min - 85 lev

In general the orange peel is necessary thing: useful, fragrant, bright…. But only when it is on an orange, and not on your body! So it’s time to get rid of it! And our miraculous anti-cellulite massage will help you in this! Get ready for an intensive 40 minutes massage, with the help of special cream our masseur will work to eliminate various problem zones of your hips and buttocks, that cellulite simply will not have a chance! And a professional cosmetic product containing a marine complex will enhance the effect of the massage and bring you closer to the long-lasting results! Your muscles will be tightened; the body will acquire subtlety and stunning appeal! You will be very pleased with your elastic and smooth skin! No orange peels! But only on the situation which will cherish your ideal body, observing the correct diet and exercising! In order to achieve maximum effect and completely get rid of cellulite, we recommend that you take a whole course of 10-15 sessions with 1-2 days breaks. Be slim and beautiful, because you deserve it!

40 min - 60 lev

Run a marathon, win a match, and overtake all competitors at a long distance bike race? Always ready? And what does your body think about it? Switch it to the desired mode by giving it a massage session! Take care of your body! This kind of massage will strengthen the muscles and warm up the muscles before intense training or competition. No more stretching, injury and overload! The most important thing in sports is quality, thorough preparation, which begins with a massage session! Feel like an iron man after physical exertion? Have you overdone and now try not to move at all, waiting for to be finally released? Enough tolerating this! Our masseurs will gladly bring you in shape and will return your body to the ease of movements! 40 minutes – and you will forget about the pain, tension and fatigue! Also sports massage will perfectly strengthen your vessels and improve the work of the heart, which is very useful during training or competition. A healthy body is the first and significant step to victory! Be active and continue in the same spirit, reaching new achievements!

30 min - 100 lev
60 min - 180 lev

A massage: which you can lose weight? Do you lie to yourself quietly, and extra pounds that you just take and go? How is this even possible? Attend a massage session for weight loss – and you will understand everything! Massage for weight loss – a truly effective treatment against excess weight and unwanted centimeters! For one massage course of 10-15 sessions “30 or 60 minutes” each, you can easily lose up to 5 kg! No stretch marks and saggy skin! Get not only a relaxing pleasure, but also a tremendous benefit for health and figure! In addition to the massage, if you will eat properly, regularly engage in fitness or other types of physical activity, your body will become simply irresistible! Start today, to quickly enjoy at first sight an incredible, but, in fact, very real result!

30 min - 45 lev

Back is your weak point? It crunches and hurts, the spine and posture leave much of desires? The neck and muscles are always tense, your head hurts and does not feel well at all? You urgently need to change something! To start, sign up for a back massage session – forget about the pain and discomfort, enjoy life! This procedure will be very useful for back and spine troubles, during rehabilitation after a trauma, bronchitis, problems with the heart and blood vessels, sitting for long hours, getting tired. Often worry and smile a little; a back massage is what the doctor prescribed! This is not just a pleasant procedure! This is your health and well-being! Massage will relax the muscles of your back, strengthen them, restore a standard posture, will normalize your blood pressure, increase your efficiency and attention, and increase the level of endorphins. You will be happy and health! And now: a little about how we perform a massage session. You settle on comfortable couch. Everything begins with a neat, calm and pleasant stroking. You will begin to relax and trust the hands of the massage therapist. Then he will show you all the rest of these techniques: kneading, rubbing, squeezing, rolling, patting and tingling. No single muscle or vertebra will be left without attention! If you want to get the maximum effect from the procedure and forget about the problems with the back, just take them off from your life, such a massage needs to take courses of 10-15 sessions every six months. 30 minutes a day will provide you with health and youth for many years to come!


60 min - 85 LEV

60 min - 85 LEV

60 min - 100 LEV