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Do you feel tired of problems and concerns? Has vanity sucked into a corner and has not let go? Have you ever felt sad? Cold? Let's get You in the SPA! We will help You to relax and lift Your health to new levels!

You expect the most quality services to care for face and body, effective therapy, unique massage techniques and the best methods of wellness! We have created a wonderful atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Here You can feel so comfortable that no worries, disturbing thoughts and fatigue will be able to stop You. Get ready to receive a charge of vivacity and energy! We are not talking about any pills, only SPA.


1 SPA treatment - adults
1 SPA treatment - kids 7-16 years old20
Family SPA - 2 adults + 1 kid

1 month (adults)260
1 month (kids)
1 month (family)
3 month (adults)
3 month (kids)
3 month (family)
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Are you concerned about the prolonged cough? Allergies do not allow you to live in peace? Breathing problems? The skin has lost its radiance and elasticity? Don't worry – it's fixable. Visit the salt sauna and You will feel relief only since the first time!

Salt is indispensable in the treatment of many diseases! Especially useful it becomes in a heated state, when it begins to evaporate. Himalayan and sea salt perfectly clean lungs and bronchi. Therefore, after the first visit You will be surprised how easily You breathe, and what gorgeous skin You have! It becomes soft, tender and velvety! Session in the salt sauna relieves fatigue, reduces pain and promotes healing of wounds. Salt is an active fighter against infections and... cellulite!

In order to obtain maximum benefit from a salt sauna, you need to know how to use it. When You go to the sauna, at the entrance You would expect Himalayan salt, which you apply to body massage movements – from the heels to the neck. A person need to be very careful! The skin there is delicate and easy to damage the large granules of salt. But if You are sure that Your face is well bear this procedure, You can apply salt on forehead, cheeks and nose, avoiding the area of the chin. Climb the stairs and go forward. At this time, salt on Your body will begin to melt. Once you reach the end, salt is completely dissolved. Now take a contrast shower by pressing a special button. You will get incredible pleasure and Your skin will be soft as a baby!

The temperature in salt sauna is very comfortable, only 48 degrees, and the humidity does not exceed 60 percent. Because of this, the load on Your body will not be as high as in the Finnish sauna or Russian bath. This means that You can extend the fun and to warm up a little longer, and Your heart and your blood pressure will be normal.

Just do not overdo it! If You notice that the walls started to move and people around to hang out, go and get some fresh air! And then it's time to come to us at Bubbles Bar, drinking something tasty, for example, a herbal tea is incredibly useful. After all, much water has flowed...

Remember, it is better to start with low temperatures and a small amount of time than to be heroic, to overheat and get unscheduled doctor. Take care of Your health!

Want to get extraordinary fun, relax and go on a fragrant journey? Our legal herbs will transport You into a blooming garden in spring or in warm coniferous forest in the early fresh morning. You probably wonder "How is that possible?" - just try our herbal steam room, and You will understand why!

In addition to the beautiful aroma of the herbal bath it is known for its healing properties. Light steam impregnated with healing herbal oils, will work miracles with Your body! Needles will take care of Your nerves, relieve fatigue, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, relieve pain in muscles and joints. Thyme will help to say goodbye to insomnia, to cure an annoying cough and a sore throat. Chamomile and mint better than any psychologist will calm You down and will relax, and will also take care of the beauty of Your skin, relieves inflammation and discomfort. St. John's Wort painlessly treats Your wounds and quickly heal them. Aromas of eucalyptus and marshmallow are very helpful if you struggle from breathing problems. And if You're concerned about the cold, the lime can get rid of it fast and for a long time. Jasmine, lavender and fir will charge You with energy and good mood! To reinforce the healing effect, we have prepared for You a lot of herbal bouquets and cocktails. Take everything you can from mother Nature! In our bath we have combined herbs with incredibly beneficial Himalayan salt. It is indispensable for allergies, asthma, heart problems, weak immunity, and more. You will forget about fatigue and depression. Long live the good mood!

Thanks to the pleasant temperatures up to 55 degrees, and comfortable humidity – 60%, presence in herbal baths will be a nice pleasure, to which many fans of the expanded steam.

In addition, it is possible to achieve a special effect by visiting the herbal steam room before the massage session. Warmed and relaxed muscles will be more pliable in the hands of a master, so You can get the most out of your massage. And steamed, the skin will easily absorb all the beneficial aromatic oils used during the procedure.

Despite the fact that herbal bath has so many advantages, we advise You to refrain from visiting it in strong heart problems and severe hypertension. Be careful to Your body, be careful not to hurt it.

We do not offer You just a bath but a true Eastern tale. Warmth, exfoliation, massages, foam, oil and traditional Turkish tea and coffee facilities – all of this awaits You in our Hamam. Give yourself a gentle and luxurious treat!

First You need to get to the steam room. Warm steam envelops You from all sides warms and relaxes every cell of Your body, the tension will leave and You will feel the magic idyll in conjunction with a full inner peace. You have to wait a little bit, until all of Your pores will open. Only then we can proceed to the next stage – a gentle peeling soap is made with a special glove. After that, rinse in the shower a pleasant room temperature and get some rest. It's ust amazing to bathe in the bath!

First escort will scrub You from head to toe several times and then will rinse firstly with warm, then with cool water – such a contrast perfusion. And after that you will be completely enveloped with foam. The head is left intact, so You can freely express your delight and will require a continue. After the blissful foam you can swim in the pool or soak in the Jacuzzi. Relax and just enjoy the moment. You will feel a surge of strength and vigor. Wait, do not rush to spend this energy on your daily worries. Relax just a little more. Or maybe a lot more... Why hurry? Here is so good! Sip some exotic tea or a strong Turkish coffee - what do You taste? Complete all this fun with a pleasant massage with natural oils.

In addition to the enjoyment that You would receive during a visit of the Hamam, Your body will take a lot of useful. Gentle heat and high humidity relax the muscles, restore blood circulation and metabolism, relieve You from colds, strengthen Your heart and blood vessels. Your skin will feel purified, hydrated and toned. Hamam – a wonderful remedy for insomnia. But please, don't fall asleep on the way home!

Have you already managed to cool down after the summer? And even freeze? It’s not a problem! This sauna could warm even the frozen Finns! It’s hot, dry, and with a woody scent. After it You could freeze! Visit us and see for yourself!

90 -130 degrees? "Yes, it is unreal!", - You might say. But, no! Thanks to the low humidity, which is up to 20%, such a high temperature is transferred easily enough. The dry air is a good warm up every cell of Your body and will bring many benefits to it: it will strengthen the immune system, it will improve breathing, blood circulation and the metabolism. And of course, You will feel complete relaxation and tranquility.

HOW TO STEAM PROPERLY AND NOT TO GET SCALDED? For starters, take a warm shower and wipe your face dry with a towel. It needs to be clean, warm and dry. Take another towel to sit on. Wooden floors in the sauna are extremely hot.

In order to obtain only pleasure instead of a heat stroke, we suggest You to take small breaks in our lounge area. Drink something refreshing and thirst-quenching. Just go easy on the spirits! When You feel steamed enough and everything is coming to the final rinse, so take a cool shower or swim in the pool. It will be the perfect end to a hike in the Finnish sauna. For the most daring we have to shock the pool with a temperature of 20 degrees. Would you take the risk?

Anyway, the sauna is something specific, and you have to approach it wisely, listening to the signals of Your body. If, unfortunately happens that You are seriously ill or overly tired, it is better to wait with the Finnish sauna. Start out with something softer, for example, with herbal baths. And you will have to rest well for better health. And then, and a Finnish sauna will overcome without harm to the body!

"Vanya is cured - a bath helped him." Want to be like Vanya? Enjoy a Russian Banya! It will give You good health, strong immunity, a feeling of freshness, vitality and many other nice bonuses! For a reason in ancient times bath was especially valued due to its healing and purifying power. It was believed that it could replace almost all medicines. What's the secret? ATTENDANT AND BROOM Our attendant - a professional in their field! He will pick up the weather especially for You, considering all the features of Your body. Because the trip to bath should bring You only benefits and pleasure. The optimum temperature in Russian bath is 60-70 degrees and the humidity reaches 90%. For those who like it hot, we can raise the temperature to 120 degrees. Our attendant will make sure You feel comfortable! It’s the same as in the bath, but without a broom? A wide selection of lush, fragrant and light switches waiting for You in our bath! Birch broom, like a sponge, absorbs sweat and its essential oils are beneficial to the lungs and skin. Oak – pumps steam, improves circulation and reduces pain. If the cold is knocking on your door, run her lime-twigs! He miraculously raises the immune system, and tomorrow You'll feel much better! Fir, spruce, pine and juniper switches will be a real salvation from all ills. But only if You are ready for a session of acupuncture! TIPS FROM OUR EXPERT Drink. And as much as possible! Perfect make up for the water balance and excrete toxins from the body herbal teas and infusions. And a cool beer perfectly quenches your thirst after a bath! And from where do you think you can order it from? That's right, in our bar! There You will find a lot of interesting and very tasty drinks! Don't fill up. Before visiting the baths don't eat too much. Better to eat something light from us at Bubbles Bar. You don't have to worry about what to cook, what you can eat and what is not. We will tell You and save your time. Enjoy high quality food and service! Breathe through your nose. The hot air will cool and it won't be so terrible. Protect your head and hair. Put on a woolen or a felt hat. It will protect you from overheating, and it will protect your hair from drying out. Protect yourself from the heat. In case of having a delicate type of skin or You are just sensitive, cover Your shoulders, arms and chest with a towel or wrap up in a sheet, and for the hands, don’t forget to wear mittens. In the bath is hot! Cleanse. Both the outside and the inside! Drink a diaphoretic tea, or mineral water, massage the skin with special gloves. And go to steam! Peel and maximize. Our highly trained esthetician will advise You the best scrubs, peels and masks perfect for Your skin type. You can try out them all on the session with a cosmetologist after visiting the baths. Steamed and skin will be grateful for all the abundance of vitamins and healthy ingredients! Do not overdo it. If You are not feeling well or if feeling dizzy, do not suffer and do not think: "That's now pass." Slowly step out of the steam room and relax in our lounge area. Don't put the records and don't experiment. Take care of yourself – we want to see You again! Trust the attendant and just enjoy the process!


Russian bath (max. 8 people) with professional bath assistant - 1h: 
50 lev

Russian bath (max. 8 people) without bath assistant - 1h:
30 lev

Оak/birch leaves broom – 1pcs:
 10 lev

Who said that it’s harmful to steam? Here, this is always useful and pleasant employment! That’s why, come here and have fun!  The steam room is the perfect place where you can return your health and body back to normal. You will see the result already after the first visit! Steam warms up the whole your body and will bring a pleasant relaxation to every cell of your organism. Visiting the steam room will start the exchange processes, it will adjust the work of all organs and systems, strengthen the heart and blood vessels. Fatigue, tension, muscle clamps and pain will leave. Also, the pastime in the steam bath will prepare your body for the massage or visit to a cosmetologist. The heated body will be more receptive to the procedures, which will help to you to achieve the maximum result! The steam bath, also have a wonderful effect on the skin: clean, nourishes, open pores, eliminate wrinkles, making it supple, tender and smooth. There is only one thing you can say: “BEATY”! Give to your body a dose of health and relaxation!


Didn’t had time to eat? No problem! Here you can enjoy very delicious sandwiches for every taste: with ham, salmon, spicy sausages or to try a vegetarian sandwich if you don’t eat meat and fish. Also the light snack will be very handy after fitness!


SHOULD WE TAKE A SWIM? WHY THE ANSWER IS "YES" Less stress – more success. Water has truly miraculous properties. Immersed in the pool, You will feel the incredible lightness, as you will feel only 10% of Your body weight. Because of this, the pool is the perfect place to study. Muscles toned. Due to the high density of water any of Your movements will require more effort and training will be more effective. Your muscles will become much stronger and tighter! Flexibility. While swimming, Your whole body is active: Your hands are moving, You train the shoulder joints and the feet – you strengthen the pelvic. Swimming brings a huge benefit to the spine! Swim workout he stretches out, placing all Your vertebrae. Good shaped heart. In addition to triceps and the abs, swimming trains the most important muscle - your heart. The load that you receive during the pool classes, strengthens this indispensable organ and helps it to function smoothly. Keep your weight under control. Just 10 minutes of swimming you can lose up to 60 calories, while backstroke, this figure increases to 80! Besides, half an hour in the pool 3 times a week reduces the risk of diabetes in men by 10%. And women should exercise just once a week in order to achieve the same result. No asthmas. Swimming increases lung capacity and helps to learn how to breathe correctly. And the humid air in the swimming pool relieves discomfort from and struggles with seizures. Nerve cells should be protected. Being in nice warm water, in the atmosphere of tranquility and complete relaxation, make Yourself happy, relieve stress and restore seemingly lost forever nerve cells. GO TO THE POOL CORRECTLY Before going to the pool take some time for Your body – take a warm or a cool shower. Put on Your favorite bathing suit and don't forget the flip-flops. In them You will be very comfortable to walk (Yes, walk, not run) next to the pool. If You want fun to spend your time in the water and not just stand at the sides, bring swimming goggles. But if You wanted an extreme experience and You are ready to make the jump into the pool, whether from the side or something original, give up this idea. Things can go not according to Your plan, and You will soon be able to enjoy swimming. In order to avoid after visiting the pool, carefully wiped dry the head and sit some time in our Bubbles Bar. Order your hot tea or take something tasty to eat. Only then You can safely go outside without getting sick. We look forward to see You again!