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Fitness is a great way to take care of your body: how about its external and internal appearance. In addition to the muscles, steel press, perfect shape, and many other visible results, fitness pump Your health. You will be resilient, flexible and strong, will easily withstand chronic fatigue, get an inexhaustible supply of vitality, and Your heart and vessels will be in a great shape for a long time. And most importantly – You will be happy and satisfied, because fitness classes contribute to the production of happiness hormones! Do what you have to do – set goals, achieve them and just enjoy your life! We have the perfect offer for Your body – Technogym! Here You will have an abundance of the best of its kind: the most effective trainers and gurus of the fitness professional instructors! Take your most comfortable sports attire and join us! We have all done well, with wit and care for You! All devices are arranged in a circle in a straightforward manner, so You don't have to think and worry about what exercise to perform next, just go in a circle, changing one machine to another. This organized system will help You to pump the muscles correctly and effectively! The result will wait no longer! If You have questions, ask the instructor! He will gladly help, explain and clearly show to make sure You all have well understood! And for that, no need to pay extra – all included in the cost of classes! But if You want the instructor to be only Yours and nobody else’s – get an individual lesson. Water, tea and coffee for You is absolutely free! You can enjoy them in between the exercises. For us it is very important that You feel as comfortable as possible! This is an amazing place, with regular attendance You will get a big "wow" effect! Your body will become slim, fit and stunning, and You recharge your energy, good spirit and good mood! Come and see for yourself! We welcome You to our Technogym.


1 day (1 vizit)
10 lev
2 weeks (10 vizits)30 lev
1 month (30 vizits)
50 lev
6 months280 lev